North American Skater
United States
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
LAST CLUB TEAM: U. of Michigan, CCHA
BIRTHDATE: February 3, 1991
HOMETOWN: Flower Mound, TX
BORN IN: Houston, TX, USA
On his style of play: I'm a physical player. I love to throw my body around. I also like to use my size and my speed and shot to my advantage, get pucks to the net. Just get my body in front and play physical. Be a power forward.

On patterning his game: Brenden Morrow is my favorite player, he really uses his physical nature to his advantage. He's a great leader. He's really helped Dallas in the past seasons, and he has a pretty good shot. So he just does all the things he needs to do to be a power forward.

On getting his start in hockey: My parents are from Erie, Pennsylvania, and my dad played hockey growing up there. So we actually moved to Raleigh when I was three. My mom put me on skates because I was a hyper kid. And it was the only sport that we could sign up for that young, (it was) just to keep me busy. I've been playing ever since.

On his road to the U.S. Under-18 Team: I moved from Raleigh to Fairmount. And then I just started playing for the Dallas Junior Stars, a light program. And played pretty much my whole life in Dallas, and moved to Detroit to play for the Detroit Honeybaked Triple A for Midget Minor year. And eventually got called to the United States team, which was a dream come true.

On growing up in Texas: It's funny, you know. Dallas is known for its football or its baseball. It's not known for its hockey. But it's growing steadily. They have a lot of good players coming out of Dallas these days. I've been fortunate to have my dad, and my parents have led me through this road that I've been on. To be picked up which the National Program is a dream come true. Being a small town kid from Texas, you don't see hockey all that much. But it's been a passion of mine ever since I was little, and I love the sport.

On the young U.S. talent playing in the NHL: It's just a motivational strategy (to see the pictures of former NTDP players in NHL jerseys). I guess you'd want to be up there on that wall (of the arena office); you want to represent where you're from and where you came from. So it's just another motivational tool to say hey, that could be me one day.

On his childhood hockey heroes: My favorite player all time is Mario Lemieux. I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years. My dad's from Pennsylvania, so my first game I ever went to was in the Igloo in Pittsburgh. I watched Mario play. For all the adversity he overcame, and you know, he just dominated every game that he played in. Growing up in Dallas, Mike Modano, and Brenden Morrow are two of my favorite players. I've seen my fair share of stars games, and they're just two great players.

On his jersey number: Number 12 is my dad's high school number. And being that the Program, the National Program you have to have a number under 40, it was just a no brainer to take my dad's high school number and use it as my senior year number. It was just a number that I'd thought I'd take and just try to pass on the tradition of the Brown family.