City of Glendale Approves Revised Lease Agreement

Wednesday, 11.28.2012 / 2:08 AM
Dave Vest

GLENDALE -- The Glendale City Council on Tuesday night voted, 4-2, to approve a revised 20-year arena lease management agreement with potential Coyotes owner Greg Jamison as he and his group of investors attempt to purchase the team from the National Hockey League.

The vote came near the end of a lengthy City Council meeting at the Glendale City Court that was attended by Jamison, Coyotes President and C.O.O. Mike Nealy, General Manager Don Maloney, Coyotes fans and others.

Jamison briefly addressed the council before the vote, as did many citizens who voiced their opinions to the council.

“I think when done right a professional team is a strong addition to the fabric of life of any community - Glendale included,” Jamison said. "... The NHL and sports has a tendency to unite people across the Valley,” he said. “The sport will grow as more children continue to pick up the game. It’s a natural, logical byproduct to have a professional sports team in the area.”

The NHL bought the Coyotes out of bankruptcy in 2009 and has been trying to find a buyer that would keep the team in Glendale ever since.

As part of the deal, Jamison, who is a former CEO of the San Jose Sharks, has until Jan. 31, 2013 to complete his purchase of the Coyotes from the NHL.


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