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Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes Home Gila River Arena
Los Angeles

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1st 00:15PHXShotMartin Hanzal Wrist Shot
1st 00:32LAKShotJack Johnson Wrist Shot
1st 00:40LAKHitJack Johnson hit Radim Vrbata
1st 00:49LAKHitMichal Handzus hit Jim Vandermeer
1st 00:58LAKHitDrew Doughty hit Taylor Pyatt
1st 02:58PHXShotMathieu Schneider Slap Shot
1st 03:24PHXHitMartin Hanzal hit Jack Johnson
1st 04:09PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Wayne Simmonds
1st 04:46PHXHitZbynek Michalek hit Raitis Ivanans
1st 05:13LAKHitDustin Brown hit Martin Hanzal
1st 06:51LAKHitDrew Doughty hit Matthew Lombardi
1st 06:57PHXShotJim Vandermeer Wrist Shot
1st 06:59PHXShotMatthew Lombardi Tip-In
1st 07:03PHXShotJim Vandermeer Slap Shot
1st 07:29LAKPenaltySean O'Donnell Cross checking against Daniel Winnik
1st 08:42LAKHitMatt Greene hit Matthew Lombardi
1st 11:36LAKShotBrad Richardson Wrist Shot
1st 12:22LAKHitRaitis Ivanans hit Mathieu Schneider
1st 12:37PHXHitLauri Korpikoski hit Rich Clune
1st 13:24LAKPenaltyDrew Doughty Slashing against Wojtek Wolski
1st 14:40PHXShotMathieu Schneider Slap Shot
1st 14:54PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Alex Frolov
1st 17:11LAKHitDustin Brown hit Paul Bissonnette
1st 17:21LAKHitJarret Stoll hit Mathieu Schneider
1st 17:32PHXShotPaul Bissonnette Wrist Shot
1st 17:38PHXHitMathieu Schneider hit Rich Clune
1st 18:41LAKShotFreddy Modin Backhand
1st 19:08LAKShotFreddy Modin Wrist Shot
1st 19:26PHXShotRadim Vrbata Wrist Shot
1st 19:48PHXHitJim Vandermeer hit Justin Williams
1st 19:58LAKShotAnze Kopitar Wrist Shot
2nd 00:10PHXShotMartin Hanzal Wrist Shot
2nd 00:11LAKHitDustin Brown hit Martin Hanzal
2nd 00:37PHXShotMathieu Schneider Wrist Shot
2nd 00:48LAKShotRyan Smyth Wrist Shot
2nd 01:25PHXHitJim Vandermeer hit Anze Kopitar
2nd 01:44PHXShotKeith Yandle Wrist Shot
2nd 02:12PHXHitKeith Yandle hit Wayne Simmonds
2nd 03:08PHXShotDaniel Winnik Wrist Shot
2nd 03:11LAKShotRandy Jones Wrist Shot
2nd 03:15PHXShotDaniel Winnik Wrist Shot
2nd 03:30LAKHitRich Clune hit Zbynek Michalek
2nd 03:40LAKHitRaitis Ivanans hit Paul Bissonnette
2nd 03:41LAKHitRich Clune hit Mathieu Schneider
2nd 03:43PHXPenaltyPaul Bissonnette Fighting against Raitis Ivanans
2nd 03:43LAKPenaltyRaitis Ivanans Fighting against Paul Bissonnette
2nd 03:53LAKShotMatt Greene Slap Shot
2nd 04:41LAKHitJarret Stoll hit Taylor Pyatt
2nd 06:11LAKHitRandy Jones hit Shane Doan
2nd 06:14LAKHitRandy Jones hit Shane Doan
2nd 06:42PHXHitPetteri Nokelainen hit Matt Greene
2nd 07:17LAKShotJustin Williams Wrist Shot
2nd 07:44PHXHitDaniel Winnik hit Justin Williams
2nd 07:48LAKGoalDrew Doughty (16) Backhand, assists: Anze Kopitar (45), Justin Williams (19)
2nd 08:07PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Alex Frolov
2nd 08:14LAKHitDrew Doughty hit Lauri Korpikoski
2nd 09:06PHXHitTaylor Pyatt hit Justin Williams
2nd 10:17PHXHitMathieu Schneider hit Freddy Modin
2nd 10:31LAKShotWayne Simmonds Wrist Shot
2nd 10:56LAKShotBrad Richardson Wrist Shot
2nd 11:30LAKPenaltyRandy Jones Hi stick - double minor against Daniel Winnik
2nd 12:17PHXShotMathieu Schneider
2nd 12:36PHXHitMathieu Schneider hit Brad Richardson
2nd 12:53PHXShotDerek Morris Wrist Shot
2nd 14:30LAKHitMatt Greene hit Taylor Pyatt
2nd 14:35PHXHitTaylor Pyatt hit Alex Frolov
2nd 14:48LAKHitJarret Stoll hit Lee Stempniak
2nd 14:50LAKShotBrad Richardson Wrist Shot
2nd 15:21LAKHitDrew Doughty hit Martin Hanzal
2nd 15:50LAKHitAlex Frolov hit Zbynek Michalek
2nd 16:02LAKPenaltyDustin Brown Interference against Jim Vandermeer
2nd 16:02PHXPenaltyJim Vandermeer Roughing against Dustin Brown
2nd 17:12LAKShotAlex Frolov Wrap-around
2nd 18:10PHXHitZbynek Michalek hit Justin Williams
2nd 18:33LAKHitDustin Brown hit Zbynek Michalek
2nd 18:36LAKHitDustin Brown hit Petteri Nokelainen
2nd 19:21LAKShotMichal Handzus Wrist Shot
2nd 19:31PHXShotTaylor Pyatt Wrist Shot
3rd 00:12PHXPenaltyMartin Hanzal Slashing against Jarret Stoll
3rd 00:21LAKPenaltyMichal Handzus Hi-sticking against Vernon Fiddler
3rd 00:45PHXShotMatthew Lombardi Wrist Shot
3rd 01:12LAKShotRyan Smyth Wrist Shot
3rd 01:30LAKHitRandy Jones hit Lauri Korpikoski
3rd 01:45PHXHitMathieu Schneider hit Dustin Brown
3rd 02:33LAKShotAlex Frolov Backhand
3rd 02:46LAKShotJustin Williams Wrist Shot
3rd 02:58LAKHitMatt Greene hit Lauri Korpikoski
3rd 03:06PHXShotMartin Hanzal Wrist Shot
3rd 04:23PHXShotWojtek Wolski Wrist Shot
3rd 04:25PHXHitMatthew Lombardi hit Drew Doughty
3rd 06:16LAKHitMatt Greene hit Taylor Pyatt
3rd 06:41PHXHitLauri Korpikoski hit Anze Kopitar
3rd 06:56LAKHitWayne Simmonds hit Mathieu Schneider
3rd 07:06LAKShotMichal Handzus Wrist Shot
3rd 07:13PHXHitMartin Hanzal hit Jarret Stoll
3rd 07:33LAKHitJarret Stoll hit Derek Morris
3rd 07:46PHXHitMartin Hanzal hit Alex Frolov
3rd 08:51PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Anze Kopitar
3rd 09:16LAKGoalJack Johnson (8) Backhand, assists: Ryan Smyth (28)
3rd 09:36LAKHitBrad Richardson hit Derek Morris
3rd 09:49PHXShotPetteri Nokelainen Wrist Shot
3rd 10:08PHXShotDaniel Winnik Wrist Shot
3rd 10:46LAKHitDustin Brown hit Lauri Korpikoski
3rd 10:55PHXShotLauri Korpikoski Wrist Shot
3rd 11:10PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Alex Frolov
3rd 11:52LAKShotRyan Smyth Wrist Shot
3rd 12:34PHXShotZbynek Michalek Wrist Shot
3rd 12:43PHXGoalMatthew Lombardi (16) Wrist Shot, assists: Wojtek Wolski (41)
3rd 13:33LAKShotRandy Jones Slap Shot
3rd 13:40LAKShotJack Johnson Slap Shot
3rd 14:07PHXGoalTaylor Pyatt (12) Tip-In, assists: Zbynek Michalek (14), Vernon Fiddler (21)
3rd 14:30LAKHitMichal Handzus hit Vernon Fiddler
3rd 14:48LAKShotRandy Jones Slap Shot
3rd 15:29PHXHitLauri Korpikoski hit Randy Jones
3rd 17:15LAKHitMatt Greene hit Lee Stempniak
3rd 17:18PHXHitTaylor Pyatt hit Brad Richardson
3rd 17:59PHXHitAdrian Aucoin hit Justin Williams
3rd 19:23PHXHitTaylor Pyatt hit Michal Handzus
3rd 19:42LAKHitSean O'Donnell hit Lee Stempniak
3rd 19:49LAKHitMatt Greene hit Taylor Pyatt
OT 00:33PHXHitMartin Hanzal hit Drew Doughty
OT 01:18PHXHitPetteri Nokelainen hit Anze Kopitar
OT 01:39PHXHitKeith Yandle hit Jack Johnson
OT 01:49PHXShotMatthew Lombardi Backhand
OT 02:17PHXHitShane Doan hit Matt Greene
OT 02:29PHXShotZbynek Michalek Wrist Shot
OT 03:14PHXHitMartin Hanzal hit Brad Richardson
OT 03:25LAKHitJack Johnson hit Radim Vrbata
OT 03:26PHXShotMartin Hanzal Wrist Shot
OT 03:42LAKHitJarret Stoll hit Martin Hanzal
OT 04:27PHXHitShane Doan hit Jack Johnson
OT 04:48LAKHitAnze Kopitar hit Zbynek Michalek
ShootoutLAKGoalAnze Kopitar - Wrist Shot
ShootoutPHXShotWojtek Wolski Wrist Shot
ShootoutLAKShotJack Johnson Wrist Shot
ShootoutPHXShotLauri Korpikoski Wrist Shot
ShootoutLAKShotDustin Brown Wrist Shot
ShootoutPHXGoalRadim Vrbata - Backhand
ShootoutLAKShotJarret Stoll Wrist Shot
ShootoutPHXGoalAdrian Aucoin - Wrist Shot
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2J. VandermeerD0002222:59
3K. YandleD0001021:00
4Z. MichalekD0102021:01
11M. HanzalC0004218:38
12P. BissonnetteL000156:26
14T. PyattL1002013:48
15M. LombardiC1004020:44
17R. VrbataR0001017:43
19S. DoanR0000021:59
22L. StempniakR0010015:47
23M. SchneiderD0003020:34
29L. KorpikoskiL0001016:19
33A. AucoinD0010026:13
34D. WinnikC00-13010:09
38V. FiddlerC0110013:21
53D. MorrisD00-11018:21
71P. NokelainenC00-11011:44
86W. WolskiL0101019:14
1J. LaBarbera2224.91765:00
2M. GreeneD0001220:05
3J. JohnsonD1013023:25
6S. O'DonnellD00-10219:33
7R. ScuderiD0000024:27
8D. DoughtyD1001224:05
11A. KopitarC0101021:17
12R. JonesD0003418:49
14J. WilliamsR0102015:37
15B. RichardsonR00-13014:09
17W. SimmondsR0001012:38
23D. BrownR0000217:48
24A. FrolovL0002016:47
26M. HandzusC0002219:43
28J. StollC0000016:25
33F. ModinL0002014:32
41R. IvanansL000053:54
56R. CluneL000004:32
94R. SmythL0113018:14
32J. Quick2527.92665:00
scoring summary
1st Period
2nd Period
07:48LAK Drew Doughty (16) ASST: Anze Kopitar (46), Justin Williams (19) 1 - 0 LAK
3rd Period
09:16LAK Jack Johnson (8) ASST: Ryan Smyth (30) 2 - 0 LAK
12:43PHX Matthew Lombardi (18) ASST: Wojtek Wolski (41) 2 - 1 LAK
14:07PHX Taylor Pyatt (12) ASST: Zbynek Michalek (14), Vernon Fiddler (22) 2 - 2 Tie
OT Period
1LAKAnze Kopitar - Goal
2PHXWojtek Wolski - Save
3LAKJack Johnson - Save
4PHXLauri Korpikoski - Save
5LAKDustin Brown - Save
6PHXRadim Vrbata - Goal
7LAKJarret Stoll - Save
8PHXAdrian Aucoin - Goal
penalty summary
1st Period
02:00LAK Matt Greene  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
07:29LAK Sean O'Donnell  Cross checking against  Daniel Winnik
13:24LAK Drew Doughty  Slashing against  Wojtek Wolski
2nd Period
03:43PHX Paul Bissonnette  Fighting (maj) against  Raitis Ivanans
03:43LAK Raitis Ivanans  Fighting (maj) against  Paul Bissonnette
11:30LAK Randy Jones  Hi stick - double minor against  Daniel Winnik
16:02LAK Dustin Brown  Interference against  Jim Vandermeer
16:02PHX Jim Vandermeer  Roughing against  Dustin Brown
3rd Period
00:12PHX Martin Hanzal  Slashing against  Jarret Stoll
00:21LAK Michal Handzus  Hi-sticking against  Vernon Fiddler
OT Period
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/60/1
Faceoff Wins2334
Blocked Shots912
Penalty Minutes919
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